Wifi and Cellphone signal in the Kruger National Park

Wifi and cell phone signal in the Kruger National Park is usually hit or miss. In this guide, I outline the best restcamps and locations for wifi and cell reception. I also conduct speed tests and share alternative methods for getting connected in the park.

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Kruger Park Wifi and Cell Phone Signal

I get it, there are times in the park when we need to be connected to the outside world. In an ideal world, we’d spend our time in the Kruger completely switched off and totally immersed in the magnificent place we find ourselves in. But the world is far from ideal. Family emergencies, work commitments, parents in need of care, etc often necessitate that we have a line of communication open while we are away.

With that in mind, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news, is that most restcamps in the Kruger have wifi and/or 3G/4G mobile data access. The bad news, it’s often terrible – slow and at times unusable.

Don’t let that put you off, I have a few solutions to help you be connected while you enjoy the most majestic place on earth.

First, let’s look at the signal availability throughout the park.

Wifi and cellphone signal in the Kruger Park

As you study the table below, please keep in mind, even though a camp may have good wifi and 4G signal, there are times where both wifi and cell data disappear entirely, for days on end at camps that traditionally have excellent signal. This could be due to load shedding, bad weather, damaged electricity cables or a number of other reasons.

If you need to guarantee access to the internet, see the section below on how to always find good signal.

CampWifiWifi RatingCellphone SignalData (3G/4G)Data Rating
Berg-n-DalYesPoorYes4G (Vodacom, MTN)Good (Vodacom, MTN)
Boulders Bush LodgeNo
Crocodile BridgeNoYes3G (Vodacom), Edge (MTN)Excellent (Vodacom), Poor (MTN)
LetabaYesPoorYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Poor (Vodacom), Ok (MTN)
Lower SabieYesOkYes3G (Vodacom), Edge (MTN)Ok (Vodacom), Poor (MTN)
Malelane SatelliteNoYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Good (Vodacom), Excellent (MTN)
MaroelaNoYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Excellent (Vodacom, MTN)
MopaniYesPoorYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Poor (Vodacom), Ok (MTN)
OlifantsYesPoorYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Poor (Vodacom), Ok (MTN)
OrpenNoYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Excellent (Vodacom), Good (MTN)
Pafuri Border CampNo
PretoriuskopYesPoorYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Excellent (Vodacom), Good (MTN)
Punda MariaNoYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Ok (Vodacom), Good (MTN)
Roodewal Bush LodgeNo
SataraYesOkYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Ok (Vodacom), Poor (MTN)
ShingwedziNoYesEdge (Vodacom, MTN)Poor (Vodacom, MTN)
SkukuzaYesOkYes3G (Vodacom, MTN)Good (Vodacom, MTN)
TambotiNoYesEdge (Vodacom), 3G (MTN)Poor (Vodacom), Excellent (MTN)

Cellphone signal for phone calls

Making phone calls from your phone inside the Kruger is generally fine, when you are at one of the restcamps. Outside of the restcamps, you are very unlikely to have signal to make phone calls.

Making phone calls with Whatsapp will depend on the 3G or 4G data availability at the restcamp. At camps with good 3G and 4G reception, you will have no issue making calls with Whatsapp.

Wifi speed tests

I continuously conduct wifi speed tests at all the camps in the park. The table below is frequently updated.

RestcampSpeedConsistencyLast Tested
Satara3.2mbpsGood1 July 2023

Further wifi speed tests will be conducted in June/July 2024.

3G/4G speed tests

I continuously conduct 3G and 4G speed tests at all the camps in the park. The table below is frequently updated.

RestcampNetworkConnectionSpeedConsistencyLast Tested
Berg-n-DalVodacom4G10mbpsGood15 December 2022

Further 3G/4G speed tests will be conducted in June/July 2024.

How to always find good signal

If you are in desperate need of signal while you are in the park, there is a way to almost always guarantee that you will get signal. It may take a bit of driving though!

When I urgently need to connect, I take a drive to the closest entrance/exit gate. You will almost always find really good 3G/4G signal at the gate. And if you don’t, you can temporarily exit the gate and drive to the closest town which will also almost always have good signal.

But what if you want signal and don’t want to drive and sit at the gate every day? Then, book yourself accommodation or camping at Berg-n-Dal or Crocodile bridge. These two restcamps are situated close to the border of the park and I’ve always found that I have great cell phone data speeds at these camps.

Starlink is a great option for internet access in the Kruger National Park. However, if you are a South African resident, Starlink is not available to us yet.

For international visitors, as long as you have roaming enabled, you will get great internet speeds in the park and throughout South Africa with your Starlink unit.


What is the best cell phone provider for signal in the Kruger Park?

The best network is Vodacom, followed by MTN and then Cell C.

Which is the best restcamp for wifi?

The best restcamps for wifi based on our own tests are Skukuza, Satara and Lower Sabie.

Which are the best restcamps for cellphone data?

Based on our tests, the best restcamps for cellphone data in the Kruger Park are Berg-n-Dal, Crocodile Bridge, Malelane Satellite Camp and Skukuza.

Yes, Starlink works very well in the Kruger National Park. While not available to South African residents, if you have Starlink in your own country and have roaming switched on, it will work throughout South Africa, including in the Kruger.


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